versuri 0 to $$/the ca$h up (freestyle) - lil dap

Te rog, așteaptă...

i be on my zero
to da money sh-t
shout out to mawty maw
cuz dat n-gga he be on dat sh-t
and i be on my chief keef
20yyyyyy’s and 50’s sh-t
cuz i be countin all dis money
while i take a sh-t
all dees cuties be like
ooooo dap you so sick
i say you ain’t seen nun
until you seen dis diiiick
f-kk all dem other n-ggaz
cuz dem n-ggaz all irrelevant
come to dis jont
fresha then a f-kkn peppermint

aye who needs da money
oo it’s yo turn
oo you ain’t gone pay me back
you say it’s confirmed
if you ain’t know
den you gone learn
be right down your block
wit the glock
like big worm

i be feelin these b-tchez
and all dey p-ssy delicious
they be givin me kisses
still single
no mrs
never f-kk wit no snitches
unless dey doin my dishes

now it’s back to da money
all you n-ggaz is funny
how y’all be talon bout money
but you never did show me

my money be crazy
n-gga just like a movie
yo money be lazy
n-gga yo sh-t be moody
yea i can be wit you
n-gga just don’t include me

it’s a my g’day n-gga

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