trapped in prison - lil' b

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“trapped in prison”

we not gon’ stop from the top to the bottom
lil b, mental, you know, n-gg-s is trapped in prison
it’s time to live our life, mental, physical, all that

mental slavery
n-gg-s be hanging off the trees in the woods, like the hood
it’s more than martin luther king, fighting for a dream
watch me go against everything you believe
they disrespect you tryna spark a dream
everybody knows it’s easy to fail but it’s harder to think, think twice
i’m nicer than grandma with a cup of iced tea
you see me, i got ice like ice
serving them ice the same color small mice
leaving my office, he gon’ pay a small price
my advice: get out of the game
they giving me chains, new car and they taking my chains
never with chains, the chains fastened
i’m switching the lanes, i got away, got caught in the game
you always complain about what you ain’t got
third world countries ain’t even got sidewalks to walk on
200 people on the bus
every busta moves harder than i ever thought
you never lost before you ever won
i never won, i’m still hungry, forever young
my soul hurt but i still move on, deep feelings aside
feel like i’m a clone, i’m trapped in the usa
where work is your home, no work, you ain’t gon’ talk on the phone
i’ve been born in the war, i grew up
i seen more, ever since the 28th floor
looked down, i never seen more poverty before
from the top you see even more, i fight for the even draw
before you even draw i’m already gone
with the heat drawn, my gun like miami heat, you’re gone
focused like steve nash, i pick my brain apart
think about breathing last
see that casket, it’s so close, it’s like i’m a basket, go away
step back faster, like your girlfriend just dumped him faster
the graveyard waiting, trying to stay away from the hating, whatever
f-ck the locations, tresp-ssing, never close those pages
never wanna cheat man, the thief’s outrageous
never been a bad farmer, if you put your heart in it,
who gonna come up to you?
i dare n-gg-s to say that i’m weak, you uncomfortable
waiting for everything, man, the people
like me and you, we gotta
get one thing together and that thing i don’t know
but peace is the first step, pepping your step
i ain’t a drug dealer, i’m just a life liver
like your liver fold like an open river
see between your eyes, i can see the pain
this is for the ones that got away
if you ran away, hope that you stay, stay based, you feel me?
for real, man they try to take the real people
if you got a good heart, treat yourself like the president
cause the bag’ll suck you right in
want you to be in the grave right beside them
because they got a cold, they want you to have a cold
i stick by the cold, i let the story unfold
i say a lot of things, it’s been told
i’m not scared, you -sshole, at least i lived the dream
my daddy make the cash flow, even if the cast goes, start to lose their family
i buy back their lifespan with any type of money
you got one life: better live it
can’t be a leader if you’re scared to make decisions
living 2pac and biggie’s visions, lil b, i’m trapped in prison

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