versuri 05 fuck em - lil b

Te rog, așteaptă...

n-ggas gotta make it, i’m serious, n-ggas gonna make it, seriously. you hear me, i come from that straight under sh-t. they really f-cking with me, ya feel me?

[verse 1]
i only live one time, i’m trying to keep my head right
n-ggas doing fed time, that’s similar to me
i be going hard, so i’m facing like 55
n-ggas don’t want that, i be selling dope sacks
n-ggas want me dead cos i’m still in the states
i be at fort knox; n-gga, i am a cop
ride with intel on ya, my life full of pain
n-ggas don’t understand, n-ggas don’t even care
man, i’m just on my d-ck, n-ggas didn’t give me cash
how i’m gonna move? (stick up that) don’t know how i’m gonna move (where that n-gga at? where he at?)
come with that chopper, then i’m gonna act a fool
my n-ggas wanted trophies, but i wanted cases
n-ggas heard my rap, then they said i’m going places
kept me off the street, all them boys living dead
n-ggas eating fast food, n-ggas serving fast dope
n-ggas catching hot bullets, you ain’t going to war
n-ggas lost the streets, n-ggas want to keep the peace
n-ggas act out of pocket, n-ggas get dealt with
straight top shelf sh-t, make a n-gga melt quick
ain’t no rumors, them boys on repeat
all the sh-t that i did, some days i couldn’t
i couldn’t go to sleep
traumatized, chasing me down
they had that sh-t, but i still live
don’t respect me, n-ggas ain’t checked me
i had real beef and i didn’t let it stress me
real 05, i’m really 05
f-ckers hate, i was based in 05
2013, n-ggas mad i’m still grinding
i’m still alive and they hate that
n-ggas gonna hate that, i paint the maybach
you feel me, and i’m not from the hood, what?
that’s okay, but them choppers gonna spray
how you a vet if you ain’t in the oak?
say you a dope dealer but you got a purple heart
robbed them meth labs and i burnt them b-tches
never crossed real n-ggas, i’ve burnt no bridges
05 f-ck em mixtape

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