versuri 0 to 100 / the catch up (freestyle) - lethal

Te rog, așteaptă...

f-ck all that little kid sh-t
i’m out of school still giving lessons, this is a field trip
no yellow bus, i buss a yellow bone real quick
been gone for so long, man y’all n-ggas thought i quit this?

(h-ll nah) boy in this game there is a lotta talkers
n-ggas acting real, better get these imposters oscars
you claiming that you hate me? don’t worry i ain’t bothered
bet you the first to be jamming from these lines just like the doctor

erving… boy keep up, i hope that i ain’t lost ya
rappers dropping tracks, misguided thinking they some bombas
if so then boy i swear i must be the verbal obama
and my pen is seal team 6, it’s packing h-lla choppas

(murder murder) ain’t a shooter man that’s real sh-t
(murder murder) but every verse is like a real clip
(murder murder) to your career boy real quick
(murder murder) y’all don’t wanna see me real p-ssed

got ya family reminiscing, you are who they will miss
thinking ’bout your best moments like a highlight reel clip
for ya broad, got female dawgs and they will hit
but i might just take your female dawg, ain’t life a real b-tch?

aww man, they saying “don’t do that n-gga”
you jealous cause your girl inquire “who’s that n-gga”
she know i’m that “that n-gga”, am i gon’ smash n-gga
once i lay a rap for her it’s a f-cking rap n-gga

wapped up n-gga, talking compet-tion and my d-ck
wrapped up in your b-tch and foes wrapped up in a sarcophagus
all these d-mn broads, how can i be a monogamist
city of the real, these b-tches t-ttes quite the opposite

a 16 turn her to a freak, on some monster sh-t
17 and word play mean, my apologies
the 16 didn’t make her transform, ain’t no problem b-tch
i just give her 2 more bars, that 18 will like optimus

woo! man that boy just spit it hot as sh-t
they all so confused, is he a rapper or arsonist
what we gon’ do, man how the f-ck do we stop this kid
i don’t think we can, oh my god it’s an apocalypse

told momma ima make it, don’t intend to break no promises
she don’t see my vision still talking about that college sh-t
i ain’t tryna live a 9-5 up in them offices
i’m next up boy, it’s ’bout time i made it obvious

ima a metaphor militant, far from simple my syndicate
and these rappers be spitting sh-t, all the same they like synonyms
challenge me you will never win, got you choking like cinnamon
compet-tion don’t send ’em in, i do no want to k!ll again

you know d-mn well you feel this
funny how the shadiest n-ggas claim they the realest
hide behind them lies but their actions are so revealing
they tryna break a n-gga but i gotta keep building

thought all my n-ggas had loyalty built-in
silly me for thinking the whole squad was on that real sh-t
worried ’bout their hunger over eating my own meal sh-t
but n-gga’s switch up on ya on the path to the mills quick

look back and acknowledge but i ain’t never stressing
cause if it ever made you happy don’t ever regret it
see everyone and everything’s a lesson or blessing
n-ggas gon’ change homie, don’t try to fix it just let ’em

and a lot of people change but some never do
the one’s who change the most be the same who promised never to
could be for the better or worse but it’s whatever dude
just don’t let the change in someone else ever change you

but i admit i might have changed too
see, man i’m just tired of counting change fool
tryna break bills with my n-ggas like how change do
and momma want that range so i’m gon get that for her brand new

they gonna hate when they see the young boy is coming up
hop up in the game and a n-gga just gotta run a much
please relay this message to any n-gga that’s running up
they way i start and finish lines they can only be runner ups

had a fall but best believe i gotta get back up
heart is like the winter, nowadays it’s hard to give a f-ck
you ever talking reckless and my n-ggas quickly springing up
and the way that i be spitting they thinking i got the summer tucked

hard work and prayer dawg, i don’t need no luck
tell a hating n-gga that the kid said “what the f-ck is up”
if you bet against me then son you really f-cking up
and when it comes to fam, man i dare someone to f-ck with us

man i’m on point, i got something to prove
i got no enemies, just some haters i knew
i took a little break but don’t turn to a fool
the king is back, no excuses man i’m ready to move

i’m leaving bodies lying, when i’m up in the booth
got the heart of a lion, i swear that i’m the truth
and yes the name is l but i’ll be d-mned if i lose
whole squad on that king sh-t, give a f-ck about you

- versuri lethal

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