versuri 0800 grey skies - lee scott

Te rog, așteaptă...

{verse 1: lee scott}

i want to go to h-ll
but it’s the wrong time of year
bopped out of heaven
dragging god by the ear
explain life to me
i forgot why i’m here
shed a f-ck tear
made the song cry in fear
at the shop buying beers
like some type of jada tip pop pioneer
finally i understood the plot high on gear
walked out screaming this is not my career
now i rap with a screw face
and squeeze the mic like i’m trying to get the last of the toothpaste
i’m a nazzler with two crates under me arm
at 3 am motherf-cker be calm
why i close me eyelids
and stab myself in the back
so there’s no suprises
but hope arises from the dephs of despair
i will be right there
pretending i care
but i don’t

{verse 2: stinking slumrock}

i’ve been moving real anti
just to get the batteries
just to get something crackalacking
brudda what be happening?
grab a {?} and splash a morgue
and kick the madness
p-ss-o won’t catch me lacking
couple tings’ll latch him
one i catch another lashing
i’m lex luthor
f-ck ya ex and superman
and come to the {?}
try out the {?} then speed up
we got cushions don’t get your knees f-cked
cos summer coming round
and them new season skirts
looking nice on your gyal
alright looking wow
and i can’t turn it down
if i go {?}
if i don’t then i’ll wow
i don’t want to hear no winging or moaning
tryna live my best times in slow motion
tryna make 999 before i croak it
got a score in the {?}
but my paypal out here
i’m feeling okay
but really i’m not really sure
if i’m really out here
guess it is what it is
till they smoke it

{verse 3: milkavelli}

got mail?
honey i shrunk rap
the {?} smell
can you not tell?
and i’m on bail, son
can you not tell?
they said i’m from h-ll
can you not tell?
from these red horns and pointy long tail
hotel retail
my female’s a bombsh-ll
jump out the bus with a frozen contrail
frozen margarita and a molotov c-cktail
still on hotmail?
she says she loves {?}
{?} a horse well
it’s cos i’m hung well
intelligence exceeds the dumbbell
coughing like i’m not well
i hit the boiling hot nail sh-t
i’m not well
was a game of where’s olly?
till i lost trail
and the key to this padlock cell
middle finger up for the thumbnail f-ck’em!

{outro: lee scott}

got the devil on the mainline
mate, i know
i step outside and make the grey skies glow
got the devil on the mainline
mate, i know
i step outside and make the grey skies glow

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