versuri 07. off the top freestyle - kulani mkh

Te rog, așteaptă...


four b-tchs but you know i got one d-ck

two eyes but i’m seeing things in 3d

3rd eye & i’m smoking on that good sh-t

f-cking on some b-tchs tryna trap me on hood sh-t

just another gangster & i’m getting love from cool kids

blessings but not surprised n-gga i always knew this

now i’m giving blue ticks to b-tchs you pursuing

n-gga stop assuming

the moment the resuming

feeling is amusing

grave will be a museum

take the front seat all these n-ggas just setback

curved alota thotties talking yellowbones hazel

everybody know me always been hood famous

tryna go global hollywood a-list

going out on lockdown

posted in my hometown

we don’t give a f-ck bra

i don’t fear corona

s/o 47 that’s the clique boy basopa

i was getting head from a cougar on my sofa

ima f-cken get it ima drake it till it’s over

dropping till they know us

blow up with the whole squad

waswtiva hita popa

xiqana hita khoma

getting high years 7 years never been sober

whatcu know bout moving in the jungle like a soldier

got no time to hold up

good head shoulder my shoulder

grew up bumping hova

now i do my own stuff

ah d-mn i gotta get mad rich

i go & get it & get it ain’t thinking average

i stay rolling the mary then i f-ck a bad b-tch

my d-ck got her so crazy now she want maridge

i’m just living lavish

never trust a catfish

papi in the cut that’s my he savage

- versuri kulani mkh

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