versuri 0 to 100 remix - keneddythedon

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1 – k. jayz]
as i continue to show you n-ggas how it’s done
better not relax, cause i will murder you n-ggas for fun
don’t n0body rap about what needs to be talked about
they only worried about what they wearin’ now
why is it like i have a f-cking degree in common sense?
nowadays, it makes you a g*nius
got-d-mn, our generation is f-cked up
it’s f-cked up we look up to other n-ggas who locked
you might as well join ‘em, you penitentiary n-ggas
why the f-ck did we fight for freedom if we just gone be livin’ in slavery?
and now you staring hard, and you dissin’ me for bein’ real
nah, f-ck y’all!
gimme my ak, leave you in the graveyard
lyrical murderer layin’ bodies in the front yard
we go 0 to 100, never calm down
you n-ggas hiroshima, cause i am the bomb now

[hook – drake & k. jayz]
i go 0 to 100, n-gga, real quick
h-ll yeah, i know you bobbin’ your head to this
i go 0 to 100, n-gga, real quick
if you’re lookin’ for me, i’ll be on my k!ll sh-t

[verse 2 – drake]
all up on tv, i thought it’d make me richer
wasn’t payin’ me enough, i needed somethin’ quicker
so now i’m all in niko’s bas-m-nt puttin’ work in on the phones
either that or drive to money mart to make the pickups
man it’s 2008, i’m tryna paint the picture
comeback season in the works and now i’m thinkin’ bigger
i got 40 in the studio, every night, late night
gotta watch that sh-t, don’t want to make him sicker
that’s my n-gga
oh lord, got a whole lot to show for it
i mean we can really get it, we can go for it
i’m just here for the bucks and the billis, n-gga
don’t make me k!ll one of the goats for it
i run this sh-t, they like “go forrest
run forrest, run forrest, go forrest”
yeah, i mean you already wrote for us
d-mn, n-gga, what’s one more quote for us?


[verse 3 – k. jayz]
i am the undertaker, murderin’ n-ggas, do not mistake it
never hesitate to k!ll everybody, so f-ck debating
see this holy mac-11? it send you n-ggas to heaven
guess you can call me f-cking lyrical reverend
we never love hoes, cause they ain’t right
never change a ho into a housewife
you can guarantee she only loves d-ck
so, n-gga, that’s why you play game on these dumb b-tches
but, a woman is different
yet a n-gga wanna f-ck around and disrespect ‘em
like what the h-ll is you thinking? what you tryna accomplish
you got every woman thinking that she is just an object
i have to really devise a plan to murder rappers who capitalize on dumb music
so i can revitalize hip hop to a state to make the industry wanna despise me

[outro – narrator]
h-ll yeah
now that you know the road we take, can’t f-ck with us
we son you n-ggas
only a matter of time before real music come back to life, cuzz

- versuri keneddythedon

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