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ballad of noah
(feat. buck 65)

i am conflicted
traveling the path of the soul, so gifted
still unable to break the mold, i lifted
the veil and still could not see
insisted my existence began with me
seems that i lost much, lost touch of reality
it cost much of the soul what a fallacy
this world is at times, i can’t escape
see myself with new eyes, now i’m trying to take
the first step on a path that i know is paved with much difficulty
so i think i must save myself from a world that is falling down
all around me
i hear the sounds of laughter calling after me, falling too fast
my close friends are asking me
casting their glance at each other as they speak with outstretched hands
like i might be a victim of circ-mstance
but i run

[chorus: x2]
if you reach a dead end trail
pray to god it’ll never fail
we’ve all walked in each other’s shoes
but everybody sings the blues

under the sky cross the land with a horse
it felt like the sky and the land were divorced.
the way wasn’t easy, a rock in the past
said “what’s the matter with you” and the rock just laughed
carrying a load for the conscious untoiling
i went to the water and the water was boiling
the load was heavy and rocks filled my course
my horse drank the water and the water killed my horse
i tried to keep going, weak in the knee
a righteous wind blew and it was speaking to me
the way seemed harder since my horse been dead
i couldn’t understand everything the wind said
looked up at the sky and seen something strange
returned to my country and my country was up in flames
the trees were bleeding; they said they couldn’t hide me
where will i run to without my horse beside me?

[chorus x2]

just like king midas turned things to gold
i touched my soul and felt my warm blood turn cold
i was told we paint the picture we want to see
the dream, she’s the woman, i’m a machine
jacqueline is my mother, but not on-ssis
wearing sungl-sses taking me to pray on sunday
not one day, but three, we attended the church
watched my father get up, grab the bible, and then work
the scripture, get the picture?
preacher in my blood
and people in my hood, no threat of attack
just a jean jacket and an arcade quarter to numb the fact
from a peasy headed kid who was afraid to be black?
imagine that type of ghetto, it still isn’t settled
i play s-x pistols and listened to heavy metal
i ate lunch all by myself in a meadow
and healed every scar with wishing to be a star
now it’s on, so tell me why i sing a sad song
who’s the p-wn, was i being fooled all along?
not at all cause now i’m strong
innocence deterred, was never gone, i feel it coming, the break of dawn

[chorus x2]

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