0 to 100 remix - juke (lab tv)

Te rog, așteaptă...


yo, big up juke, cl!cks, heeley, streetz
you know what it is, big up ollie gg
free my man mike, free lewie, home soon, listen

[verse 1]

got these demons bro, you know that i’ve been fighting them
i think i’m evil cause i’ve spent most of my life in h-ll
no one thought my bars were hot until i made them melt
i thank my dad for making me tough cause he used a belt
no one understand the pain that i’ve always felt
i’ve got some mental problems think that i may need some help
my mother said i won’t be happy until i find myself
so i find myself searching sitting by myself
hey, and i’m still looking round for me
when i was on my own bro you weren’t around for me
remember days when you wouldn’t spare a pound for me?
now i’m making money, and you’re chattin that you’re down for me?
these fake friends yeah they’re turning me crazy
i sold my soul to satan cause he told me he’d save me, uh
said f-ck the wrong i’ve done yeah he doesn’t blame me
said stick with him and i’ll live my life pain free
and now there’s no turning back now
i get these threats daily but i won’t back down
no wrestling but trust you get the smack down
getting told theres grands on your head, how does that sound?
yeah, cause it’s that true
spinny fella leave your life it’s like a statue (dead)
trust me watch me go skitz when i catch you
i’m f-cking fuming bro you’re lucky i don’t blast you
ha, or i might just do that, uh
i’ve got that hand ting i might just shoot that, yeah
cause i’m lost on the road i’m on
i ain’t heartless but i’m soulless cause i sold it on
and let me make a toast to the dead
i got told to cut the dough so i slice the bread
money always on my mind especially when i lie in bed
i’m sick of hearing these voices stuck inside my head
cause they’re telling me to do bad stuff
try to ignore so i go and get the food, bagged up
raised by myself i was never dragged up
now i’m o.t brudda smoking dam budz
cos you don’t smoke the bud i blaze
i got a box and it was gone in a couple days
i got an ounce and it was gone in a couple hours
ye chatting haze kid you might as well be smoking flowers
cos the bud you smoke is ralla bush
don’t chat ye sh-t kid cos i’ve had enough
now watch me wheelie like chino, ha
meek mill ain’t got nothin on me bro
big straps big bullets touch a kid like a pedo
big straps big bullets save your life like a hero
think twice before you come across me bro
rambo knife’ll leave you shaking like a fiend bro
and afterwards i’ll take your dough like a casino
you won’t remember sh-t but you’ll still remember me tho, ha
and what you f-cking little muppets tryin to jump me for ? (fail)
and then you flapped it and ran, so what’d you front me for?
tryin to chat sh-t that you know you never done before
you know i’ll have you flappin -rs-hhcchh when i come ye door
said going ill with the back cause i saw, red
9 in the clip, now there’s 4 left
but i’d rather chill back and do this music sh-t
got fans saying that i’m sick but i’m used to it
got haters saying that i’m sh-t but i ain’t losing it
we get the bobby bagged up and then we’re moving it
cos that’s the type of kid i am lad
i book my flights, pack my bags and go the dam lad
rolling round the dam with 5gs in my man bag
i’ll still be smoking dam haze when i’m old and i’m a granddad
[verse 2]

you’ve got a strap and now you’re acting like you want the bomb
done a bit of bird and now he’s ramping like he bronson don
catch me active with that bally and the moncler on (get it on son)
kx you know the graphics got the monsters on (werrghghhh)
scouse thug lad you know the score
couple strippies of my kitten and you phone for more
he’s had a £50 to his bill and now he holds his jaw
couple whiffies of my spliff you have to open doors
ey i’m k!lling it, scouse thug lad you know the code
jumping on the back of scramblers and on the roads
jukey bussed a couple shots and then your homie froze
i’m not chilling ’till you’re chilling with the holy ghost
try and phone a man for beef and i’m like okie doke
talking wet and now you’re asking man for photies bro (nahh)
chatting riding have you diving when my chromie blows
moving sly up whilst you’re hiding in your lonely homes
don’t be gassing strapping oggles lad you’re gettin nothin (f-ck off lad)
saving dough up for the jollies and the kettle shopping
giving grafts up lad they best be gettin pedal poppin
before the scrammys on his ezzy with some heavy jocking
and i’m addicted to this rapping so i’m never stopping
jukey’s back and now these other rappers levels droppin
since a kidda i’ve been grafting on this cheddar shottin
gonna make it that’s a fact i put a tenner on it
it’s either trapping or i’m rapping that’s the end of options
everybody’s getting dollars so i went and got them
got the flag, got the bash, and i went and chopped them
won’t be catching man in gaffs if man are mentioning wronguns
chatting graft all your cash getting spent on nonsense
catch me in the fezzy or a heavy concert
kid i’m getting wads in, i better get the vods in
yeah i’m raving with my ladies and it’s getting bonkers

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