only one - jon b

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only one

picture me knock’n on the door.
u haven’t dressed yet.
back in the days yah baby when
we just met.
picture us taking no time to talk.
we go straight to kiss’n
i got u head over heels
and u grant’n my wishes. ohh
just imagine cause reality is so
deep …how u made me wait and
antic-p-te all the love you’d give
tome from the very first
glance i was on that -ss
want that right in front of me.
so u always feel the point sink’s
in the reason’s
why u can always count on me.

call my name when u need me
u know why there’s
only one me. who can satisfy
beginning until the end
u already know there’s
only one me
what n-body else can do u like.
u know i can be
your everything u need. u always
wait so patiently
u know why there’s only one me

u feel the real talk when i speak
into the core
wanna make u sing from inside
wanna make u want
me so much more wanna pu
top of the world
turn a glacier to a waterfall.
wanna warm u up like a fireplace
your silhouette on
the wall wooo.
not just imagining cause reality is
i creep into your
dreams but u let it marinate.
u antic-p-te all this
love your gonna receive from the
very first glance
al was on that -ss want thta right
front of me
i wanna get to always make the point
crystal clear
the reason’s why.. it’s better than
good what u get from me

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