versuri '09 freestyle - john givez

Te rog, așteaptă...

mama had told me that i wasn’t needed but i didn’t wanna believe
i remember back in ’09, i shoulda been dead in the streets
that was back when francessca let me hold onto the keys
i found a cd, burnt holes in the seat
tryna dodge police, hotbox in the whip
tryna spray the febreeze
yeah, young n-gga so cold
i remember sneakin’ out my dad’s truck just to scoop tyrone
crashed it into a pole
then i took it back home
pop’s asked, “who did it?”
told him that i didn’t know, yeah
i was lying through my t–th
that was back when i used to run around freaky red and lowkey
always kept it lowkey
wasn’t talking ot’s
from the b’s or the c’s
neutrals but reactive
that was back when we was poppin’ pills and flippin’ b-tches on the mattress
that was back when we was in the field to help [?]
livin’ life so fascist, never tryna go to classes
playing [?] in my headphones, blackberry molasses
i’m just havin’ back flashes
i’m just tryna move forward
give ’em something from the past
i remember when they told me i was only gon’ sing, now rappin’

fight back, ooo
fight back
learn not to fight back, ooo
fight back, ooo
fight back, ooo

- versuri john givez

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