running game - john cena

Te rog, așteaptă...

[20 second instrumental to open]

[chorus 2x: john cena]
we roll by in the pimp ride (then we)
walk through with the pimp slide (y’all know me)
crew heavy on the thick side
everybody feelin this, y’all know we serious

[john cena]
i’ll be makin you move so quick you can’t see me in slow-mo
get your throat cut when you step in the dojo
y’all got no flow, we be makin hits
you like a proctologist, you feelin my sh-t
yeah – you all hype like a street team
i spend more time holdin a mic than mean gene
makin beat fiends scream, they be lovin the click
roll solo to the party but i leave with ya chick
cause she know that when i’m flowin it’s hot
there’s a party in my pants, she be blowin the spot
buck naked in the old school drop, givin me skull again
she give me free strokes, that’s why i call her a mulligan
see me on tv, knows everything about me
you can’t f-ck with me, she can’t f-ck without me
and if you think she don’t be lovin my thangs
that’s like sayin you eat at hooters for the buffalo wings, what?


[tha trademarc]
f-ck record execs, promisin checks
i been cleanin tables now i’m seein labels, these chicks
sayin “haven’t we met,” man holdin my breath
feel like the lesser of two evils that i haven’t seen yet
i got girls runnin game with a pimp strut
big b-tt booty b-tches tryin to link up
they walkin toward me, conversation and they body bore me
i got no game, it’s just some b-tches understand my story
nas said it before, that’s raw
if you leavin the club your clothes’ll end up on the car floor
man, i got no time for words after s-x
i just kick you to the curb and be laughin next
cause trademarc is a clingy chick’s nightmare
even though you took me home, i won’t spend the night there
i’ve had hookers to virgins, on they back
wild s-x all the way to dead lays like necrophiliacs


[john cena]
johnny cena got the girls, girls but i’m not jay-z
i play the field, i never let the field play me
you see my chevy? you know there’s ten chicks aboard
plus the whip got more switches than the mixer board
i’m stickin your wh-r-, while you flossin your range
gave her a dollar, she gave me back a buck and some change
she tried to swallow me whole, i brushed the back of her wig
she called my d-ck frank white cause it’s +notoriously big+


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