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some other time - jill scott

Te rog, așteaptă...

“some other time”

about another time, some other time
how ’bout you call next week,
we’ll get something to eat.
we’ll just hang and chill,
just to keep the thrill.

about another time some other time

oh my god, i really had a good time tonight.
it was fun.
i had stars in my eyes.
oh my god, (he was fly) he was witty and sweet,
relaxed and comfortable. (fine)
conversation was nice and easy,
steady moving, (sense of humor), smart.
there was a kind of dignitary vibe
like an original hip hop melody break dance soul train.
he’s kinda don cornelius to me
(cooler than a fan) [x2]
but it’s only been two weeks.

about another time, some other time

he can be a snake in the gr-ss
deceptively hiding, waiting to spill his venom on my -ss.
(you know how it go)
he could be cold blooded
with another woman behind another door
another couple of kids, three or four
he could be lying about his money (sh-t no doe)
ain’t got nothing to show
he could be be a lotta things, a lotta things
he could be a lotta things.

i just wanna see (spirit of discernment) about a [x3]

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