mrs. mistake - jesse mccartney

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mrs. mistake

used to be the richest
but i didn’t pay attention
messed around and maxed out of love
so now my hearts empty

i used to wake up daily
in the arms of a blessing
couldn’t see what was right in front of me
it taught me a lesson

went around here hittin’ these clubs
throwing up money
picking up girls
bring ’em back to the house on the hill
two at a time
pop ’em like pills
when my prize was sittin’ at home
waiting for me all along
never thought that one day i’d come home
and she’d be gone…

she was the one that got away
the one i regret
my biggest mistake
she was my mrs. wife
miss i can spend my life
it’s too late, now she’s miss mistake
she should’ve been my mrs.
don’t wanna move on but i know that she has
now every other i compare to her
she was my mrs. wife
miss i can spend my life
it’s too late, now she’s ms. mistake
she should’ve been my mrs.

i’m not asking for.. what we had before
took my loss like a man its over now i understand

oh, i messed up what we had
oh, could’ve been the mother of my kids

oh, i knew just what i did
now i gotta live with it

you really didn’t take that long
the lies got old, the bed got cold
shut her heart up, closed the door
told me no, not no more

so i gotta respect her wishes
she deserves more than i’ve given
and i’ll probably be okay if i can get her out of my brain

[repeat chorus]

mrs. settle down
no more sleepin’ around…
mrs. picket fence
mrs. brand new house

but i screwed it up
i misstepped out of luck
had a good one
now she’s got a new mister

if there’s a brother out there that understands then help me say yeeeahh…yeah whoaohoh

anybody that knows you better go and help say whoaohoh

she was the one …

[guitar solo] oh, oh,oh,oh

[repeat chorus]

should’ve been my mrs.
should’ve been my mrs….
now it’s too late…

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