versuri 05 - goat talk - jesse james solomon

Te rog, așteaptă...

they ain’t got it like i got the sauce of course, since i was rocking in my cot
since he pocketed the rock, non-stop on the block he made it pop
feds pull up manna drop it like it’s hot
cool off with a bottle and a thot, the floss, the gloss, the gliss
see they watching this
opposite attract until opposites attacked, opposition making propositions
i got a lot of n-ggas mad but they gotta listen
cut through the block, its p-ssing down and the coppers fishing
move full throttle, blue bottle vision
fly n-gga, man i got editions you couldn’t envision
pull up to the city that i live in, imma part of it
in a city rivim, south east to the heart of it

and so i’m running up the city steps
n-ggas move to ends they ain’t really pecked
young n-ggas really next
south east city vets ’bout ps gimme checks
down peace, gimme neck
back in the uber bossman, you see how i’m living?
yes, 5 star gimme that, 5 star really gen-general
spit it and pen it all, pivotal pedestal
that i’ve been sitting on, mr. incredible
living it terrible, this sh-t just ain’t edible
but try eating on me, i’ll get a n-gga turned vegetable
i learnt the rules from a better school
in the school of life on these cold nights
when sh-t doesn’t go right, i sh-t on my own life
with snow that’s a c0ke line and rejjie will co sign
i’m 6 feet beneath the moon in a beamer with the goons
left a diva in a room chillin’ eager for a [?] an’ i’m out here on the lurkers
out here on a scoop like i ain’t got no logic and my life is just a loop
i got the truth half mangled with the slew
off the red alize but it shoulda been the bleu
as i blew on a tree, country grew
i spit an inner city version of deep country blues
imma snooze off a xan on a cruise like what i got to lose?
just as well be in the booze, i’m like panting in the mood
streets icy and it’s 2 degrees beneath a few as we loom the gloom

- versuri jesse james solomon

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