assumptions - jayygoinup

Te rog, așteaptă...

you make it hard to love you
i can’t explain how i feel inside
i can’t stop what i’m tryna to resume
we can’t move on without you thinking i’m always wrong
trust me (love me)
baby you don’t have to assume

now that i gotchu here
i need to know if this love is real
you know things are what they appear
so just let go, i know how you feel

baby i’m gon need some answers
i ain’t find romance in so long
never been in a love like this and i don’t mind it girl you know


i got ya heart now you’re safer
all them other n-ggas tainted, you know that they ain’t it they get no paper
you know i’m the one came with baby
you know what i came for
i got just whatchu need
givе you all the love in me
just keep on loving mе oh

if you bout that
you know i can put some money where ya mouth at
all the ladies in the past yeah they all whack
they don’t call back, they need to fall back


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