versuri 0 to 100/ the catch up (freeverse) - jay young

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
an ill spitter, rhymes are never dealt quicker
cuz the message more important than a quick deliver
i give these shots to your liver like a shot of liquor
before i throw you in a bag and send you up the river
i’m ill, the common cold ain’t got sh-t on me
when i chill my compet-tion, n-gga, c’est la vie
that’s the way that i was taught, running in these streets
it’s do or die, but the latter’s not an option, b
i came up in this game just to show up punks
who thought that they were gods when they were really monks
these n-ggas thought they were dope, but that sh-t’s debunked
that ship is sunk, these rappers failed, i call that a flunk
ain’t no person out here
wanna listen to those abcs you got in your ear
so just do it like a ghost, and disappear
before i cross these streams and turn you into smears

zero to one hundred, n-gga
leave you b-tches frozen like the tundra, n-gga
i got these bars in abundance, n-gga
just in case you was wondering

[verse 2]
i never needed anybody for me to figure out
what i gotta do to get my momma out
from this roach infested hole that we living in
and put her in a two-floor house
big yard for your big garden
pardon your boy, his mind’s a little more hardened
poverty be playing me like an etch-a-sketch
our life savings almost out from this dry stretch
a straight face, no worries, that’s the mask i wear
to hide the look i have, that is of despair
my head is in the air, i don’t know what to do
to get my money up and cut these bills in two
the people keep telling me i should look for god
but what does god know about working hard?
all powerful with the smarts to boot…
but i’ll bet he’s never held a job…

- versuri jay young

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