versuri i'm a miracle - jahred

Te rog, așteaptă...

i talk about a good life gone bad in the future
i’ve got my money but i want more yeah it’s the human nature
i met a girl she’s beautiful like an old picture
i play the game i want to win it but i wanna do it with you
you take my heart for a moment that’s why i take my time
i’ve learn my lesson love is not about to break the time
i k!ll the pain while i look around your mind
24 hours my time is come i’ve got an hundred million on my deadline
i’ve got my first date i met my first love
she’s beautiful she looks like the great love
it’s done baby you’re my girlfriend i buy you what you want
i wanna call you everytime to bring you to the fairyland
i wanna tell you everything i wanna be you’re best friend
i guest i’ve got to stand up to the next round
i’m sorry baby but you told me lies
we can’t get together to the end of times
baby you can catch me you can call me you know i can’t do the same
with my men and my crew i ever make rain
you rockin’ now with the maker
i bring you to the game you’re my lil’ bunny stripper

- versuri jahred

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