thinkin' aloud: foreword - j.murph

Te rog, așteaptă...

i been scratching my head like do they still cut for me
got love for me have they had enough of me, secretly
pushed me side where the beefing be
nowhere near where allegiance be
at peace with knowing a piece of me and that’s it
nothing further or more
nothing owned or a lease at least
i mean i know i’ve been hard to deal with
in the past
people really put a pause on kinship and friendship
it’s tempting
i been on the other side, i just try to stay the ride or the course
of course, it’s not always returned but that don’t matter though
i ain’t going lateral gotta stay solid
no gas i don’t p-ss i ain’t worried bout it
i don’t want to run out of mileage on the topic
if it’s healthy or help me then i’m writing something bout it
never meshing hidden knowledge into gossip, no
cutting too close isn’t even an option
trying to get the most taken every precaution
love getting rare that’s too easy to digest
stakes getting high and it’s really from nonsense
promise i’ll never trade honest for the pompous
appearance no i’m just me no thomas
uncle or doubting folk running and shouting but they not knowing nothing about him
they clouded
distractions, so many distractions
stopping us from so much of action
got a soap box but they getting no traction
and the trash getting too much traffic it’s baffling
it’s madness
like march filling all of the brackets
it’s taxing
trying to figure the balance
trying to figure the balance like…

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