the realest - isaiah dokpa

Te rog, așteaptă...

i was out in california workin till the sun down
original native with natives who made the sun dial
we all been through some trials
but seeing the kids smile left my lows back a hunned miles
they traumatized, while i try to get my commas right
im not a conscious guy, all i want is a lot of rides
cus freedoms in your mind like moneys temporary
i need to leave my legacy before its february
thats why in streesin on this late ass bus
in a new studio, i gotta make great stuff
like i need a vacay like russ, way from the industry
that mimics me but then still cuss me out sideways, world backwards but i sing like sade
go against the grain like a bad shave
you mad lame, if i’m talkin my truth
and you messin with me, dont contradict what i do
i got so much love in me
with enemies and envy drivin the situation to a frenzy
im thunderous with the lightnin but imma be more friendly
work on these lyrics while the devil try to tempt me
tempest with the template givin my people everything
i got to offer cus on ben o the promise i’m remembering
to give the game a wedding ring
then threw my girl p-ssy in the air it turn to sunshine
ankh talk my future son and her so combined
i be feelin its a curse to be nice or the dumb guy
the world dont know its head from tail like a bad punchline
so i ain’t waiting in the punchline
you don’t know what ya friend put in that sh-t cus sometimes love lies
yet still tryna follow love lines
thats the sun god in the suntimes

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