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legacy - inme

Te rog, așteaptă...


sleep well my friend
this is not the end
you planted the seeds of so many dreams
we’ll keep your stars inside of all our hearts

’twas you lit the flame
sp-wned what we became
we bickered and whined
but all of the time you only wanted the best for all of us

this is my rose for you
this is my toast to you
farewell lora
in my dreams i can wake up lora

i remember the time
i broke down and cried
you took my shaking hand
turned the ocean to sand
i wish i could share just one last supper with you

i’m begging on my knees
for one more chance to give my grat-tude
let’s rendezvous in my dreams
from york to california
toronto to niagara falls
i wish for that final phone call again
i would not be the man that i am today without you
thank you from all of us
i believe in you like you believed in me

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