versuri 0-100 remix (open minded people only) - indyg and therave

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey guys, i did a remix to 0-100 and i posted it as my entry into a contest where the winner gets to be put on with timbaland. i dont really have a following right now because up till this point, i’ve just been working on my craft and trying to get better. this is my first push onto social media and what not in an attempt to build a core of some kind. please check out my track and if you like it vote for it/ share it with other people

if your here to hate, save yourself the trouble…im too old to care about a internet punk. if you have some constructive criticism, negative or positive, that i wouldn’t mind and would actually appreciate..thanks for giving me these few minutes of your time…an open mind and willing ears is all i can ask for…thank you

the track is up at this link

please do vote if you like it !

- versuri indyg and therave

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