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break it down - hopsin

Te rog, așteaptă...

lets go

[chorus (x2)]
break it down (down down down down…)
gotta get up (get up), say what
get up (get up), say what

now may i kick a flow for y’all
that’s slow and raw
for n-gg-s who thinking the west coast fell off
but first, i’d like to give a little toast to all
who’s souls was lost up in the rap flows in all (gee)
back to my original topic
f-ck the bullsh-t you should be getting with hopsin
on that real rap sh-t man forget the imposters
y’all destroyed hip hop (good) mission accomplished
now i’mma make them regret this sh-t
bringing back all the elements
making these fellas swell up
and tell them that f-cking h-ll is h-t
i got to focus though
and come down on all my zoning’s yo
because i’m pr-ne to blow
and destroy all my lyric chromosomes
i told you folks that it’s over
so go and roll up your soldiers
and be out this b-tch like hocus pocus
i’m so ferocious i had the potion but no one noticed
and now i’m about to blow up even bigger than my nose is

[chorus (x2)]

i’d like to bust another verse if i may
the mess i made, make rappers want to catch my fade
i’m just not sane, all y’all affect my brain
so don’t be running up trying to put me in headlocks mayne
it’s like i pin em like a poster, get em and just roast em
when it comes to this verbal abuses, do not approach him
i toast em, bury them in an oasis
then write a book about it like oj did (stupid stupid)
i’m that new n-gg- all the kids gonna look up to
with a middle finger in the sky screaming “f-ck school”
you don’t want your child b-mping hop? n-gg- f-ck you
who’s a better dad? you or me? let your son choose
girl, why you acting so p-ssionate?
you smiling at me like i was attracted to fat women
sh-t, go dance your -ss up in the cut with your big b-tt
come to think about it, never mind i could use a nut

[chorus (x2)]

still the same n-gg-, still using fruity loops
play this sh-t up in the club, watch what her booty do
i ain’t got to f-ck with all the high tech sh-t
i keep the kitchen grimy cooking up my next hit
i guess it’s how i was raised, and now i get paid
to go and write some bullsh-t a couple hours a day
i just pop a tune on and the music will move me
my message is deeper than this sh-t if you listen closely
yo, i got a habit for smashing f-ggots
in fact i’m a dashing rapping savage
-ss-ssin who has a p-ssion
to just see ’em, read ’em, eat em
beat em, flee em then feed em to muselina
i seem to be the most heated speaker
i’ll defeat your leader
freak your diva then freaking leave her
hopsin, he a demon
y’all knowing he a beast (what!)
how the f-ck am i supposed to act?
the west coast is back!

[chorus (x2)]

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