versuri 0.utr.0 - hill climbers

Te rog, așteaptă...

[produced by oliver lorgen, zach patterson, boston tillmans, noah dokoutchaef, will caig]

[verse 1: b-tch -ss lookin’ -ss m-th-f-ckin’ uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]
i chase off more p-ssy than a vacuum cleaner
run through the streets and they call me a streaker
i got m-th-f-ckin’ lights on my sneaker
boy i am meek and i couldn’t be meeker
i’m tryna box out the walmart greeter
tell yogi bear he can gobble my weiner
kanye west should start sellin’ sneakers
i’m out of breath when i walk two meters

[verse 2: b-tch -ss lookin’ -ss m-th-f-ckin’ uhhhh, but higher]
lick my nuts
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts, fam
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts, fam
suck my d-ck, ay
lick my nuts
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts, fam
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts
suck my d-ck
lick my nuts, fam
suck my d-ck

[verse 3: inspecta s-x]
nationwide is on your side
(same line, but like, chopped up a bunch, idfk)

[verse 4: lgtv]
you know how it is
gotta end this sh-t right, you know
you know i gotta end this one right
you know it
f-ck, ok

chop chop, little b-tch, lookin’ at the past
sh-t we did a lot, and it didn’t seem to last
hila kleiners seemed to fill a void that i couldn’t fill
that’s f-cked sh-t, tell me to chill
f-ck with this, i love doing this
i hate doing this
it’s work but it’s fun
d-ck jokes, g-y jokes, f-ck jokes, all jokes
seem stupid and we know
but we do this not for you
we do it for ourselves
so we can laugh at us
so we can also cuss
so we can do whatever we want
and, if people wanna listen…
then who gives a f-ck…
who gives a…
who gives a f-ck
be stupid, be thoughtless, be intelligent, be anything
be anything…
b-tch just don’t be us

[spoken word: b-tch -ss lookin’ -ss m-th-f-ckin’ uhh]
what the f-ck are you doing?
what the f-ck are you doing?
how long is-
this alb-m is ve-
this alb-m it-it’s like, 45, 48 minutes? i haven’t checked
why the f-ck are you here?
what the f-ck are you doing?
you shouldn’t be here
this was a terrible use of your time
next song is good though, listen to that one

[spoken word: anthony fantano & lgtv]
will, thank you
uhh, hey melon, love your stuff, what are your thoughts on-
the periwinkle alb-m-
by the hill climbers? i have not heard that alb-m

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