versuri midnight thoughts about you - heso

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laying in bed midnight thinking about you
laying in bed baby i just want to love you
laying hear 5 am thinking about me and you
what we could be if i had the currage to talk to you
if i had currange to tell you how i feel
tell you how i feel

midnight thoughts is so f-cked up
girl so f-cked
midnight thoughts is so f-cked up
girl so f-cked

im not like these other f-ggots
im not a f-ggot i love p-ssy (p-ssy)

i can get b-tches if i want, but im to lazy to talk ey
you can’t get b-tches if you dont reply back
i just want everything hand to on a silver platter
that doesn’t matter, my life couldn’t get any better (better)

my mind going crazy, its hard to act lazy, my head won’t go to sleep ey
midnight thinking about you babe
thinking about you babe

midnight thinking about you, midnight thinking about you

- versuri heso

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