prisoner - her nightmare

Te rog, așteaptă...

will we ever believe we’re worth more
more than what we’ve become
save yourself
will we ever take the chances we’ve been given
will we ever taste the lives we’ve been living
instead of spending all our time trying to end another life
will we ever see the lies they’ve been feeding
will we ever see the pain we’ve been dealing
innocence wasted, look at what we’ve all become
could you ever believe
we are more than just war
could you ever believe
prisoner of hatred
save yourself
crossing lines that we’ve never drawn
i won’t take this, i will fight this
the faults are on both sides
not just in the knives held to our throats
no more pain, no more hate
all that we’ve lost we can’t forget
there’s nowhere let to run
cause this is war
this is war
will we ever see the lies that we’re spoon fed
will we ever see past the guns held to our heads
save yourself
look what we’ve all become
could you ever believe
now it’s ending look what we’ve lost
now it’s over what have we gained

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