versuri 0200 fdr drive - hdbeendope

Te rog, așteaptă...

thought we was done or something
is you dumb or what
been three years since my last sh-t
i ain’t done enough
aye scott hit me with them passes like you one of us
back at the crib was moving passive man i f-cked it up
life just told me “luck is up”
god just told me “buckle up”
i just told me “double up”
in myself i always trust
4th down i never punt
4th down i never run
4th down i plummer clutch
that’s 35 to get us up
pr-nounced me dead they was backing off it
kept it moving when they fled now they back with offers
talking ‘rari or the benz man that sh-t exhausting
i want a ‘rari on a biz make my n-ggas bosses
who the f-ck taught you n-ggas
i swear y’all learned nothing
started working yesterday
how you feel you earned something
i just flipped my yesterday’s to lesson
know my turn coming
i just gave a yes to days of stressin’
now that byrd bumpin
aw man
we heard it dozens stand for nothing then you fall for anything
rather losses with my dogs but yall just fall for any rings
do the talking with the bosses quick to off him if he sing
moving cautious with the offers i could f-ck up everything
still rhyming i’m still honest
every bar that i spit still cut like stihl diamond wheels
still got it i’m still your favorite
even if you still iffy still popping up on your playlist
but really where have i been though
every week an album drops you wonder where the f-ck’s beendope
seen me moving on the block they wonder where is the benzo
not knowing i got off tour like “where the f-ck did my ends go”
so i made a way
let the music fade away
dollars coming several ways
now i’m rocking seven jays
then i said the tape coming in my mind i had it done
oli had the state buzzin give me time i gotta run
b-tch i hit a mil on lowkey
proceeds the og
ask t they know me
ask g they owe me
please believe me
locked doors don’t cease me
top floors be sleepy
stock cores appease me
a lot of people made they bed with me don’t even know it
if i don’t f-ck with you i don’t f-ck with you no need to show it
sometimes we kick it then i cut her loose its for the moment
you tryna save her but she f-cking too don’t be heroic
this love sh-t got me jaded
and most of these women playing
not knowing i’m good at gaming
and i hit it and then i’m gone
won’t tell them my situation
that type of sh-t leave you naked
and when that love sh-t is fading
now look at you bro you gone
let’s be honest want the type of love that come with bonnets
but women finest that’s the kind of sh-t that come with flying private
but every sunday been my biggest sense of peace lately
prolly the reason i been thinking that it’s dee maybe
f-ck it i’m awful i’m bugging
f-ck it i’m off of the subject
plot then i get what i wanted
riches i know that they coming
rich in mind, rich in power, rich in me first
teachings that i frequent on the low like its three hertz
just beginning as we drawing to the closing
i’ve been quietly approaching
give a f-ck ‘bout if they notice
ain’t convincing folks i’m golden
give a f-ck if they oppose ‘em
l.a.b.b been in motion
either coming or you going you choose

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