versuri 02:19 am, psychosis - harakiri for the sky

Te rog, așteaptă...

this city is a no man’s land and i’m in the middle
still stuck somewhere between last night and disturbing dreams
lost in locked up rooms, these walls feel like a casket
from one moment to the other the dreams become my life

silent tappings keep creeping up from downstairs
we’re forever lost in dystopia, but who cares?
all these charging words i could never say to you
are gone with the years now, but somehow i miss you

break down the walls, they’ll catch you in the rye
one step further, the void comes closer to the edge
burn the bridges down, all the streets led us the wrong way
following down the road to perdition, what a lonely place

with shattered beliefs and hearts in hands
we’re searching for reasons, ways beyond these ruins
with arms recently raised and gathering wounds
now we demand our tribute for all these broken dreams

the silence of winter is a deafening noise to my ears
these nights drag unendingly and shadows grow longer
i can’t’ understand this agony, what is it for?
when will i at last find my autumn asylum?

- versuri harakiri for the sky

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