versuri 014 1 sermon - h' & them

Te rog, așteaptă...

i come from the 014 add 1
met my momma back in 99
sh-t i look like my son
man, i look like my daddy
took that sh-t for the granted
took that sh-t to the gram
put that sh-t on my granny
yeah she prayin’ every night
i see this sh-t in colour
but i’m out here being reckless
instead of being a big brother
i ain’t setting examples
i’m out here doing the wrong sh-t

i come from the 014 +1
met my momma back in 99
most my idols turned rivals
i’ve seen my greats in the bottle
i’ve seen my greats get addicted
i’ll probably fall for the same sh-t
i put that sh-t on god
granny prays every night
that i see this sh-t in colour;
i’ve seen the rich wake up crazy
seen the poor wake up dead
they ain’t wake up at all
but you know what i’m saying

and i come from the 014 add 1
met my momma back in 99
i’ve seen dreams come true
i saw young una make it
i lost hope when i saw them throw the same una with cans
i lost hope on the 014 add 1
you gotta leave just to make it
or you’ll stay stuck in the mud
look what happened to…
i can’t mentioned no names
n-ggas gone say i’m hating
but we see this sh-t in colour

i come from the 014+1
met my momma back in 99
man i love her to death
i dont know how to explain it
and she’s my 014 add 1
my 014 add 1
014 add 1

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