versuri 007 - h the great

Te rog, așteaptă...

this for my brother mike man

i know he gone f-ck with this one

and you know to test your self you got to step outside your comfort zone you understand me

got to see what you good at


the great

h the great

only way to the top is believe in your faith

only way to the top is to not spread hate

these n-ggas hoes i think they due day late

bro said i got pressure like them boxes in the back of the sleigh

i done lost too many n-ggas it won’t be ok

i had a dream last night of me pushing a wraith

so its no sleep straight to the cake

make these hoes hop up like hop scotch

they been sleep on me i got to turn it up a notch

if you with me don’t keep it 50 like that black notch

in her slot lil baby smelling like b-tter scotch

like that 40 she brought that p-ssy over just to pop

i call her dirty cause lil baby be giving slop

clean n-gga cleared the scene up with the mop

and i won’t be satisfied until a million drop

i need all the crop

whip stop

them hoes stare when i pop out

i was taught to get it so ill never have my hand out

and you was taught them b-tch ways thats why you always walk out

turned down that new bag she looking s-xy when she pout

jumped in it for the bag these n-ggas really want the clout

i don’t listen to they raps cause they don’t speak what they about

i was a youngin all i had to do was sprout

and you a b-tch so you need to watch your mouth

all my sh-t going north i remember being south

you just know me by that ball you don’t know what im about n-gga

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