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fly away - grieves

Te rog, așteaptă...

“fly away”

say something. nowadays i’m all ears screaming out over the speakers, breaking eggs with no fear
made a name as a stranger that painted his paint on a mirror, stared strait into the eyes of it and faced it for years
like ehhhhhhh, i feel i [?] a lot of principles and that [?] drinking problem and melted pile of little girls
like, at least i’m honest in my music, hard to be confident talking ’bout my losses ans bruises
but how i know it and never let it control me, exploded emotions out of my broken soul is important
so, move with it. i got a lotta time to brew in it 22 st-tches dumb buck [?]
i got a itch in my system and it sticks to the rhythm [?]
with words i can touch the sky and it’s face open up wide let go with the power to fly away

baby i’m gon’ fly
i’m gonna fly away [x2]

that sursprised
thank god for the music
i’ve been down and that’s main reason i get up
and i don’t need to try to be different because with words

i don’t need to stand in the middle

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