the dip - goodie mob

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the dip

you know how good it can be, if i took you home with me
i know the mood is right, i don’t wanna be alone tonight
come on lets dip shawty, dip
lets dip shawty, dip
lets dip shawty, dip
lets dip shawty

can i get a chance, grown man from afar superstar status
holdin’ on to the apparatus firmly
west shake show love heat ’em up in the club if you don’t care
conversations short, too many newports blowing me away
to another broad, i mean cutie, with the nice round booty
cut to the spot where all the girls wanna do me
on the low, nice and slow
t-mo on the floor, out the door lets go
keep it on the hush, don’t wanna rush when your ready
we can touch some g’s, and blow trees in the wind
with a zip, i’m there, telling tales, out on bail
swat’s tales of rolling boulders and breaking shoulders
taking me closer to a poacher with that roll line
shawty cause i’m down for mine


we at the club 112 on the front row
shawty done shot the cuervo
even though she dancing with another n-gg-roe
somewhere out on the floor
she told me lo snap your finger when your ready to go
so you know i feel great, i can hardly wait
hit the waffle house and get a chicken-melt plate
scrambled eggs with cheese, and a pile of grease
and get full as a tick bout’ ready to drip
and oh for trilly shawty don’t be silly
calm your nerves cause i’m back on that philly
cheifed like a champ, and everything is good
i got to much cl-ss, and i’ll take you to school
i wanna act a fool, but i’m waiting patiently
it ain’t good if it ain’t been mentioned with me
and if your number f-ck around and get hard to find
all i really wanna be is a thought in your mind


[big gipp]
can i take you home
you grown, sip a tea, nice feet
eyes fly too, saw you when you came through
by yourself girl, no crew
can i hold you, can i show you
everything in life, that i’ve been through
we can roll in the hills in my big wheel
98 lank lank with the stank stank
these lights, this night, my dream, your screams
silk sheets, we meet, what you need a ride, i got fleet’s
leather seats with the woodgrain head back
when i drop it like that, baby don’t act
how many times do i say that i want your love
lets dip this club


god led me to the shark bar
on a wednesday, with the dreads
white derby, looking delicious, good enough to eat
and what do i see, staring at me
a nice pair of eyes, c-ke bottle figure, wig, done to a t
dressed in gangsta black, ready to be attacked by a real mack
playing hard to get it, so i dips upstairs
how long will it take for my earrings to withdrawl
you is such a cold and lonely heart, i’ll make you warm again
but it was something different about you though
you didn’t ask for no autograph or swarm
all you needed was a hug
we being snug like fingers in the glove
8th grade was the last time a n-gg- was in love


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