versuri 004 start up - gold paradise group

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: raul gee]

b-tch can’t get me off
tell that b-tch i’m going off
if everything about a dollar
i’m a f-cking boss
a-town to ny these n-ggas acting lost
’round the same time i was making up for time i lost
new prevention costs
got the city on my back
bl–dy shoes like cardi-o
make them catch a heart attack
you put nothing on the map
all your n-ggas they be rats
everything be confidential
you had went to tell them facts
time it be costing
got me so crazy
so uninspired
got me so lazy
dealing with girls that’s wanting my baby
never act right
never a lady
i been so calm
then i be shady
faces be blue
so i’m like jay-z
feel like it’s right then i’m like maybe
maybe a game, never say play me

[verse 2: frank g]

n-ggas be around a hunnid straps
and front on the ‘gram like they bustin’ that
me and my n-ggas ain’t into that
we see it’s a problem we solving that
up with the 9 turn fitted to snap backs
could’ve sworn he had a dad hat
n-ggas tryna ride the wave when they see us on
tell ya b-tch come swim up in it
all black 550 coupe
pull up on the ave with the windows tinted
you see the rims, whips ain’t rented
d-gg-n’ b-tches like i hate women
we just f-cking, get up out ya feelings
n-ggas mad 107 winnin’
gp n-ggas in the building
these whack rappers need a intermission
we doing sh-t n-ggas still wishin’
whip the pot we ain’t washing dishes
it’s dirty pans all in the kitchen
play the field n-ggas still pitchin’
home base when we in the millions
chillin’ pool side backwoods lifted
when i make it there i can say i did it
you never tried, you can say you didn’t

- versuri gold paradise group

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