versuri 0230 - godinho

Te rog, așteaptă...


2:30am as i write this, pure bliss, a kiss on the lips from the abyss
it’s him saying goodbye as he dissipates
no more talks of suicide let those thoughts fly away
i’m trying to be better, for so long i’d try and weather all the weather but
my mental stater got worse i became bitter
an acid spitter hoping that my soul would decay
i tried to downplay the thoughts in my head that
wanted me to fly away that wanted me to drift away
i didn’t tell a soul, and i should’ve because now my heart has a
ginormous hole, look, my thoughts have turned to coal
i became self destructive like bikini atoll look
bouncing from pill to pill trying to find the right meds
that’ll take my ill will, meds may not do it, but friends will
og5 ride or die i say it all the time but it’s the truth
we would k!ll we would die all bleed for each other
every single day i consider them my blood brothers
throughout the years we’ve been there some more than others
but we all there
just because we argue sometimes doesn’t mean i don’t care
doesn’t mean that i don’t care

seabass you matched my mental state
you’re just as dark as me and your heart was full of hate
past aside i promise you i’m down to ride
don’t hesitate to hit me up if you need to cry and
david you’re the light bringer
your innocence is welcoming like the sun’s shimmer
you a ray of positivity for the group
if you need to let your guard down let me know i’ll go and scoop
yo, and j?
i swear you my partner, in business and in music
our minds could always be sharper
your laugh is infectious, but don’t stutter to let us know
if you ever need direction, and
my brother since pre school since you was young you’d always
try to act a fool, you’re stronger than you know, so let me know
if you ever need us to stop another word cuz
my brother h told me stop saying [?] so i dead that
you’ll never hear it from me in another song and that’s on big facts
respect goes 2 ways you should’ve learned that
in your very early days look, because when i make it out
it’ll be just us close friends and family that’s a big plus
imma put on for my city, so no other state or city
could ever take pity and
for the first time in years i see a light
it’s at the end of the tunnel but it’s very bright
for once i’m not thinking about suicide
i have too many plans to fill before i die
and when the day comes
i hope my legacy lives on through my music
until then we just going through the motions
remember that i’m only human

- versuri godinho

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