versuri 0,1,2 - gmp da icegod

Te rog, așteaptă...

ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the mind of gmp. there are amounts of mad lyricism and dope beats. help yourselves listening to the young rapper known as the gmp himself

[verse 1]
catch me with this asian girl i met, her name was suzi
she was such a cutie, her heart was as big as her booty
i took her to my room to do the duty, and she looked back at me
and smiled when she asked me, “you want the booty?”
so now she’s in the bed, no panties on, couldn’t resist the meat
from my big c-ck, so it’s the p-ssy i proceed to beat
now we fast-forward, in the morning, now we yawning
the s-x wasn’t boring, thinking ’bout her was no warning

loving you is easy as 0,1,2
cause you already know i got a thing for you
also know that i will always be with you
without you, i wouldn’t know what to do

[verse 2]
i knew this girl once, her -ss so fat like jenna shea
the way it bounced made me wanna hyperventilate
although she white, i can’t discriminate
once her p-ssy o-pen, my d-ck has penetrated, and then she just think i innovated
s-x, because she said i’m like a t-rex, better than her ex
her booty put me in a hex, while i was flex…ing
on my d-ck
she was a real thick chick
then she gave me a l!ck and the s-x ended real quick


- versuri gmp da icegod

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