parking garage - giveuppulp

Te rog, așteaptă...

i got demons that you couldn’t even picture in your nightmares
makin’ f-ckin mixtures so i fight errors
night terrors bringing f-ckin figures and they right there
i’m staring at the scissors and i might tear my wrist up
i been f-cked, recording all these verses and i mix em
the kid runnin from multiples i’m thinking that the six sucks
the roaches gonna crawl out the wood work
i wonder if it could work, hanging up my good shirts
cause i don’t want the wrinkles like my fingers when i shower
then i stare at my computer when the stickers gettin louder
drinking liquor off a downer, really gettin f-ckin sour
sippin quicker by the hour, gettin sicker and i cower
i hide behind the rhymes i designed, ay
i might resign when the light fade
i might’ve cried, want a nice day
who wanna fight me?
i’m on edge like you holding back
i bought a strap and i’m loading that
i paint the blanks with a focused splat
break my brain with the boldest snap
face the pain when the dose is back
i keep makin tapes i know i won’t drop
i keep f-ckin breakin and i know it won’t stop
finish a project by the afternoon
but it’s hard to stay focused when the voices comin after you
i’m passive, i’m an assh0l-, i been rappin
i forgot why
i’m chopped, fried, and any other synonyms describin that you got high
cause honestly i’m sparkin a lot
it smells like a parking garage
i think that it’s the trash scent, thinkin bout the past tense
i was crying to swimming
tryna be swimming out the pit i’m in
and picking up the dividends
i been a b-tch
i’m sick of this
i been a bit overwhelmed

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