versuri supreme lyricism - gift of gab

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro] x 8
supreme supreme
(supreme lyricism)

[verse 1: gift of gab]
you ain’t an mc, you just a mocker a one
chakra unopen
stop it, you’re dumb
popping your gums
quannum dropping ya bums
topple rocking watching ya crumble
dropping your young
logic cannot get caught with the stun
and talk that i brought that are hotter than tropical suns
optical shots to the opposition and hospitals come
melodic hypnotic apocalyptic pox get ya sprung
atomic more chronic than chronic
mixed with vodka and rum
anonymous logic beyond; you’re lifting oxygen from
the toxic thoughts of a lot of nonsense
and popping of guns
your ark and you’re done
your knowledge is preposterous son
with posture and form
i’m monstrous you’re lost in a storm
you’re docile and your confidence
is why my offense is strong
monotonous get out my office
i’m your obstacle run
i’m dropping your p-wns
i’m like a hippopotamus gone
off of his rocket guarding
all his kids, his pops, and his moms
i’m op, an old army, call the doctor, sound the alarm
it’s not the opera
it’s your pop in top and optimum form
and partner, i’m the cop
you’re not about to stop with a gun
a copper a ton
of weapons, check it out you’ve been warned
this is supreme lyricism (supreme lyricism)
supreme lyricism (supreme lyricism)
supreme lyricism (supreme lyricism)
supreme lyricism (supreme lyricism)

check it out unh yo

[verse 2: gift of gab]
ay yo
they call me gift i rip and lift the minds
sl1ck and twisted rhymes at ’em
mr. infinite divine
into this defying letter
isn’t just a tip of time
interesting lines
that’ll send the shift within your spine
sent to get my grind crackin’
when it’s pen and pencil time
bent to get your dime askin’
if the gift could spend some time
with her, my mind enter
hither hints i’m in a distant
reminisce on rhythm-less
again from discipline i find
instant mental shrines
opening the great abyss of rhyme
planets just align
if you slip you get your sh-t got by
it’s horrific fly
mystic twisted word-prolific guy
just a bit of my
swift and vicious wrist to get your eye
lifted just a bit wider
split the wit lyrical writer
intimate with this style
lyrics is just sh-ttin’ fire
ignorance exists
end it with a twist of this rhyme
sent to get y’all n-ggas lit
and bring ya to the sky

supreme lyricism (supreme lyricism) x 8

- versuri gift of gab

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