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heart street directions (skit) - ghostface killah

Te rog, așteaptă...

[b-tch:] “excuse me, urm, could you tell me how to get to heart street?”
[tony starks:] “hmm, heart street. alright you go down 3 lights, right. you get on bush highway. you go past v-g-n- street. you gon’ get off at d-ck, you gon’ make a left on d-ck, right. you gon’ run right into walls. the next block is cl-t boulevard, but you gotta be careful, it’s kinda wet down there. you gon’ past guts now, that sh-t takes you to t-ts project. my man balls will be out, be around there somewhere, you nahh mean. urrm, the heart is around there somewhere, so. or you could go 45 minutes, you could take b-tt avenue to, to hershey highway, you nahh mean, up spine’in, and, and, and you be at, you be at, y-you be at the mouth, you be at, you be at the mouth of the, the mouth of the tunnel right there. you nahh mean?”
[b-tch:] “fockin’ pervert.”

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