i knew i'd want you - gene clark

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’d like to love you with all of my heart
you’ve had me on your trip right from the start
and when you looked at me with love in your eyes
i knew i’d want you, oh, yeah

i’d like to hold you if you want me to
i’ve found something new girl, just by looking at you
and it’s in your smile, and it’s in the way
i knew i’d want you, oh, yeah

i meet so many people, i feel i don’t know
but i felt so close to you, when you said h-llo

i’d like to love you, and together we’d find
the place we’ve been looking for, we’ll have peace of mind
and there we’ll be happy, and there i’ll know why
i knew i’d want you, oh, yeah, oh, yeah

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