versuri 015 (intro) - garrineh

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’m done walking around like i’m blinded, clean my eyelids to look at this environment
i’m gonna breeze the island as i go, increase my climate
at my peak i’m highest as i flow, increase my mileage
all the scripts i recited will they speak my language or would you find yourself in some deep anguish?
aspire to be lavish, have a banquet for my graduation
done hesitating bout to impact the rap nation

if i’m patient maybe i will master my greatness
now racin’, going past my own destination
over pacin’, my songs give life’s translations
been a long time coming, i’ve saved my reservation
since my parent’s aspirations expectations come with mazes
pace my mind with aggravations
telepathic conversations, “son embrace it, one day you will make it”
no more hesitating bout to impact the rap nation, uh
make them feel i’m here
disappeared just to reappear with a snare
don’t you dare, i’m rare with the flair
take a second whiff of the smell in the air
unaware that they’ve now stepped in the dragon’s lair
(tell them where you from man)
015, i’m revived with the spoken art
i owe it to my vices to write through this from the heart
015, g.y for this spoken art
i owe it to my vices to rise through this broken heart
from giyani to the nation to the continents
this is something for my reign just to keep me dominant
i’m confident, predominant as my novel hits
i focused on my motives now noticed that they loving it
all my people coming from the north i know you proud it
hlayisani, keep my promises like a covenant
sullenkiid! starving for the meals, all these cash funds
this is only half done but it’s sounding platinum

yeah, shoutout to gy, section a, what it do?
make way for the sullenkiid, i’m coming through
i’m glad you tuned in, be advised
this is strictly coming from the 015
this ain’t that rabbit out of the hat trick, these vital words from a wordsmith
if i keep my peace then vital words that the world miss
for some i come from the slums
whether bread or crumbs i strive, even if it’s bitter or sweet as plum
they said “there can only be one”, that’s why i made sure this was extraordinarily done, 015

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