ballin' - fyütch (us)

Te rog, așteaptă...

verse 1
i’m currently on an elevator headed to the moon
while i’m steadily counting paper so my thumbs about to bruise
i guess my hustler spirit is what keeps me on the move
and my bank account is gaining weight from how much it consumes
i am just that lucky, cuz my life’s that lovely
where we roll in limousines strictly poppin that bubble
lol ha funny how these haters mean mug me
money didn’t change me, bruh i changed for the money. campaign

yo lazenby man, we knew we would get to this point, man, we knew we would. this only for my big money ballers man, you know. we in la right now living it up. i’m still trying to decide between the lex and the mercedes, man. this right here is the new anthem. yea! campaign lets go, baby!

ballin’ x4
gettin paid and it just keeps stacking
ballin’ x4
poppin tags blowin stacks in the mall, yea
ballin’ x4
we on top and we never ever fallin
ballin’ x4
so sing along if money ain’t a problem

verse 2
i will never fall i’m glued on top
dibs on the chair, no one takes my spot
pause for a sec while i cop this drop
funny how the groupies surround my jock
limousine rides to the restaurant
bill’s on me, order what you want
i play no role, i don’t front
can’t help i’m exactly what your girl wants
my song comes on and she shakes her b-tt
sings the words her hands are up
out in la where some throw up, most snort up and then go nuts
8 am hotel wake up
we get fresh, yes, get dressed up
walk outside and the car rolls up
dang that dude from the ‘ville came up yup

yea yea yea! we still rocking with u man. if this is the life you don’t have yet, sorry homie! haha! yea! got a right to be c-cky! i mean just confident, my mom might be mad at me for that one. i ain’t gone lie, it was a while ago humility went out the window haha come on!


people say i’m in love with the money but uh i think its the money thats in love with me, cuz it ain’t staying away! cuz we ballin ballin ballin come one!


- versuri fyutch us

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