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the future is now - future

Te rog, așteaptă...

the future is now
(feat. big rube)

no longer can i remain earthbound
the future is now
time and sp-ce are one in the same
enough time in sp-ce and we running the game
almost is unacceptable
the cosmos is a receptacle
for the spectacle of my ascension
inhabiting multiple dimensions of perspective
all my actions selective
at all costs, i must obtain the objective
regain the inception intended at the conception
a living lethal weapon
i’m the natural selection
moving in my own eccentric orbit
a rebel amongst conformists
so far gone, you might catch me on pluto
4 billion miles away
do a whole week in one day
live for keeping it real
you already know what it is
i rather ever speak without something to say
but if you can’t remember the who, what, when, or the how
remember one thing i said: the future is now

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