versuri '04 - fukkit

Te rog, așteaptă...

60, 80, 100, 20, 40, 60, 80, 200
220, 240, 260, 280, 300, yo n-gga, ayy, let’s get this sh-t, boy
ayy bruh, ayy, this simple sh-t, bruh
if you f-ck with me, you a b-tch
if you don’t f-ck with me, you a b-tch
ayy, if [?] (ayy, if you f-ck with me, you a b-tch, ayy, straight up)
[?] (ayy, f-ck you, bruh, i don’t give a f-ck, bruh, ayy, f-ck y’all)

[verse 1]
back in ’04, ya boy was already thinking ’bout money
and f-cking b-tches and smoking the swisher
my n-gga, ’04 (woo), i told ’em it’s nothing
f-ck all the fronting, these n-ggas talking but none of them coming (ayy, that’s nothing, bruh)
and that was ’04, a lil’ n-gga walking out the whip
with a smile on his face, lil’ boy (ayy, that’s nothing, bruh)
but that was ’04, now you see me jugging off a stick
with a stick like a lil’ n-gga playing, back in ’04

i was riding ’round with my n-ggas talking money
like i had it (’04, n-gga), little boy, this back in ’04
i was out there chilling with my n-ggas (’04, n-gga)
[?] white tee (’04), n-gga, this was ’04
baby boy done seen his unc pull that weight
that’s the way he was raised and that’s ’04
nintendo controllers and mario kart
i was seven, my n-gga, that’s ’04
(’04) ’04 (’04), ’04, n-gga, that was ’04, n-gga, that was ’04
(’04) ’04 (’04), ’04, n-gga, that was ’04, n-gga, that was ’04
(’04) ’04 (’04), ’04, n-gga, that was ’04, n-gga, that was ’04
(’04) ’04 (’04), ’04, n-gga, that was ’04 (’04), n-gga, that was ’04

[verse 2]
back in ’04, i wasn’t nothing but a jit
[?] little but the money on his mind tryna be like the old four
my uncle rig it like a mof-cka
now you see me rigging like a mof-cka, smoking on dope though (dope, n-gga, thraxx)
you never thought i’d be this dope though
f-cking they b-tches and they old hoes, i’m just tryna go pro
she give me head like a gopro
n-gga, the og know he creeping through the back door (woo)
i’m with my boys smoking packs though
looking like a young ass so you n-ggas smoking grass though
he say i’m living in the past (though)
then that’s why i’m counting money like i seen it before
i got a xan for every time they be talking that sh-t (what?)
i pull up to function, notice that you look like a b-tch (what?)
i throw a deuce if you f-cking with me, you know yo’ b-tch f-cking with me
no wonder why she always tryna suck on the d-ck (ah-ha)
i got a pack full of ‘dro, blow kief with my n-ggas
i’m in the building, they said i’m probably one of the n-ggas that you see around the block
snorting all coke, picking fights with the cops
low-key knowing that he ain’t gon’ ever stop
i’m a lost cause to my mama
’cause back in ’04, i was thinking ’bout the guala
but now i’m 17, f-cking with a 20-something
i been smoking h-lla blunts, probably die at 20-something
living with a deathwish, feeling like antoine
b-tch, and i’m blowing on heat like a piston
kush in my lungs, boy, i only smoke k!ller
back in ’04, i always knew i’d be the same n-gga
i’m that young boy [?], tryna make a profit
’04, n-gga, and i’ll probably never stop it
rotting in the mof-cking coffin
a young dead n-gga, blood on my hands but, ayy, bro, f-ck you, bro
’04, ’04, n-gga, ’04
’04, ’04, ’04, n-gga, ’04, n-gga, ’04
’04, ’04, ’04, ’04, ’04
’04, ’04, ayy, bruh, that’s ’04, n-gga

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