white flag lyrics feat. chris lee - fresh ie

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fresh ie
white flag
written by: r.wilson, j.stewart
produced by: freelight productions
mixed by: tony stone
mastered by: tony stone

i surrender – see my white flag i (forfeit)
laying down my arms raise
them to the sky (submit)
throwing in the towel no more will i try to (resist)
i resign my life is no longer mine i’m
waving the white flag waving the white flag (i submit)
waving the white flag waving the white flag (i submit)
waving the white flag waving the white flag (i submit)
waving the white flag waving the white flag (i submit)

verse 1:
lord i surrender my pride, everything i was living i give it die
l-st of the flesh, l-st of the eyes, submitting my will now i get it not i
death of a rapper killing my idols,willing i’m ready to do your will, the
basic instructions i’m under construction came from a family full of
i am so flawed, i am just breath, don’t want another day living this
living as fresh i’m a wretch i’m a sinner and living in debt
waving the white flag yielding my life,– i want communion,loosen this
away wit the music if causing to sin cant put new wine in old wine
it will just burst, i hunger and thirst, i know i’m not perfect, i’m putting
you first,
putting in work, not for gain, not walking by sight by faith this pain
is h-tting me hard, i rest in you, you are my shelter, i’m dest-tute
all of my health and my wealths in you, the love of my wife my life’s in
son of david have mercy i want transparency i’m needing surgery
needing a touch from heaven so purge me, help me walk in victory
you gave it all i give it all, there once was pride but had a great fall,
i renounce, the guilt of it all by faith your grace has covered it all


verse 2:
waving the flag, surrender it all, not tender mammon, will damage the
ramifications weighing me down, the motive of heart a jewel in the
it started so pure, a rope with 3 cords a wiseman winneth a soul to the
with the faith of a child, rejected at birth, a typical fatherless child in
the dirt
i was so hurt, i been through it all, but i know you felt the weight of
this call
i know you wept, your blood,sweat, every lash you accepted for me
my righteousness is filthy rags, my house and whip, i’m guilty man
i’m a tilt a whirl, spinning around and feeling the tug of a filthy world
but this is ain’t me but sin in my members, i’m conquerer, returning to
i am a branch attached to the vine thats been through a fire and been
the ember burns the fragrance divine your grapes squeezed your
making new wine
the skins are ready, and sins already defeated mercy comes out of eden
left your letters i struggle to read it, gave me a scroll i struggle to eat it,
honey and lokust, struggle to heed it, vanity follows me am i am
am i believin’ the power of the gospel, redeemed me the blood of the
lamb cleaned me
i just completely lay down my life the resurrection power of christ


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