versuri '03 steve harvey (remix) - fly anakin & koncept jack$on

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: (fly anakin)]
(word word word word word word yo aye yo)
aye tropes what up (yo yo yo yo yo)
yo yo, yo…

[verse 1: fly anakin]
it’s a shift like the rhythm of naked women, (aye) tour the atlas with the set gaining riches (aye)
street scriptures, velour rugs in kitchens (aye)
i’m bad business, the bad man with the plan
toting a lighter with the world in my hand
the game plan was to rack up the money and take ya fans
i’m a thief in the night we taking flights to carribeans seasoned
looking lovely for cambodian reasons
pull the wool over eyes inject the serum
the lifestyle i chose got these b-tches sitting near em
it’s the game that we in
excludin’ friends commence to counting these ends
velvet rugs in my cypher n-ggas playing pretend
i been real since pro keds spanish b-tch in my bed
pull out the shirley like its 03 the phantom is dead
the team live bet it f-ck with ya pride, the overseers ain’t believe us
now they stuck in the tide but who am i

[verse 2: koncept jack$on]
sittin’ inspired with my n-gga craftin’ a vision
max decisions over m-ssivist from the mistress
paraphernalia stayin’ stashed by a henchman
he set his cash said we’re splittin’ that and we’re missin’
f-ck cancer i’ll be d-mned are we lifted
been in the cut wit a club dancer
that tucks pampered
she f-cked ’cause she in love with the stanzas
the plug showin’ love with the bud and xans for self fam
we been legit comin’ with the mail man
waitin’ on a package like mr. smith
nervous it was to suppose to hit the ritz might light the 5th and miss the 6th
getaway location at the ritz sh-ts risky
my n-gga laid rotation with the shatter sh-t crispy
waves 360
the 2003 steve harvey hairline switch airlines
flee the panama for jail time
never spare swine
turn my water into red wine sinnin’
we disregarding your religion
yo i ain’t tryna get locked let’s do this with precision
and be successful trade bezels and the women
yeah… yeah

[verse 3: nickelus f]
i been in grind mode
i ball a quarter pound of weed with my eyes closed
i been eatin’ good petey got a little size on
hostile in cow zones
surfin’ the styrofoam
if i ever need help hmm… i got n-ggas to dial on
i don’t care if the manner can’t n-ggas get styled on
get my high 5s and slide out like a tri bone
i’m the black michael dougl-ss
a fire of b-tters my basic instinct
b-ssy -ss-ssin fatal attraction
the benjis… simply
n-ggas can’t get with me
’cause you don’t wanna have me mask up
raise the arm and climb over ya fen cing
these n-ggas ain’t like me
that’s why these n-ggas don’t like me
they hate outright ’cause they can’t outright me
shiesty my shoulder icy how i like my hi-c
pockets fat like how i like my wifey
like tree, i’m what you get when you mix bruce with spike lee
big in punches
open up your chest like your heart wanted to sight see
i’m eatin’ n-ggas lunches… petey

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