versuri 0:00 - florezbaby

Te rog, așteaptă...

intro :
hypeboi onna verse

ice gold
gold ice
rose gold
gold rose

style dripping, sauce dripping
whipiping the band’s, no hand outs
i work hard for this sh-t with your bum -ss
cl-ss 19 i can’t wait to leave the bullsh-t
i am to lit, i make hits, not sh-t
i am never quitting this
get diss rip you won’t be missed
cause my verses k!lla dominant
born in august onna tuesday
i be turnt up like everyday is my birthday
yay hurray
don’t play with my money, i need my moneyes on time
no time wasting or get your time short, i am balling
no courts no cases i just ace it face it imma goat
shover the hate down the haters throats till they choke on
there words , give em the bird the bird is the word to this
haters , see you later hope not
i plot my attacks for any suprise attacks
got em quaking, aflack
funny jack black
flip em haters off flap jack pancakes cause haters be faker
then the bible
i diss my revivals
lifes a survivor game
hunger games
what shame
surviver of the fitness ugh

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