hey mami - fanny pack

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey mami

hey mami [5x]
hey mami, you s-xy [3x]
hey mami, you beautiful
hey mami, you s-xy [3x]
hey mami, can i get that number?

big hot pockets, feya, ugly
corny, busted, chopped, straight fugly
british guys playing rugby
brooklyn boys who wanna thug me
skanky, cranky, foogly, oogly
slammin dudes who wanna do me
g’doonk g’doonk, skoonky, flavors
bangin, mega hot, dumb haters

country boys and them boys in the city
buy me lunch and make me all giddy
sparkling clean, dirty, grimey and gritty
big muscle men and a little itty bitty
some look so good and some need a little work
some know what they gotta do to make me smirk
ralph, donna, marc, and my man tommy
better go get that girl, hey ma

hey mami, you s-xy
hey mami [2x]

yeah yeah thats what they shout
on the street when i strut when i walk to the store
they wanna turn me out
hootin and hollerin
ring around the collar and
this ain’t scores and
you ain’t wavin a dollar and

you better tighten up that game
theres a million other guys tryin to get with us
and you all sound the same
you should slow it on down papi
you sound like a carbon copy
i wanna a man who’s smooth, got all the right moves
but you’re just plain sloppy

hey mami, you s-xy
hey mami [2x]

hey mami you cute
hey mami you s-xy
yall boys got nothin’ off ah!
tryin come over hear
you can’t have none of this
you can’t [echo]
cause you can’t handle this!
we hang on corners
tryin back shorty
which is cheap lies

hey mami (kisses)
hey mami (no kisses)
hey mami, you s-xy
hey mami, you cute [echo]

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