circadian - falling up

Te rog, așteaptă...


dangerous lines that glow in the moonlight
i’ve been crossing worlds of silver seas
to numbers and colors and absolute hours
a life i lived held down inside their arms

now to waking night i’ve come to pay
all my debts they turned and tossed away
now they drink to sparkle their mistakes

and they’re burying all of the evidence
my glamourous words will catch them
burying all of the evidence
some thousands of eyes are watching

now while they sleep i’ve got endless hours
to leap through windows flying over trees
in the waving world of polyrhythmic lines
and sp-ce to fake fict-tious plans

in the waking night i’ve made a clamoring
while they t-tled heads my faith they were questioning
movie lines they wrap them up to sleep
and the creeping tune inside them spidering

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