exxplorer - exxplorer

Te rog, așteaptă...

people can’t you see me coming
my recklessness helps me survive
mind’s crazy; head is hummin’
there’s fire in my eyes

he stormed across our cultured lands
turning it to waste
is he feeding on our will,
or feeding on our fate?

my thoughts are of the wild
i can’t be surprised
my actions never mild
our screams are bottle cries

punks in h-ll could never tell
the powers we held high in hand
electric sounds, burning down
the walls that couldn’t stand

is it (yes it is) the explorer
trying (yes he is) to take you away
fighting won’t help any longer
your future, tomorrow or today

oh, tonight, the moon will break
through the heavens’ clouds
sunlight was far too great
and still a bit too proud

for night was here
with all its’ fear, shattering the day
evil speaks of its’ own way
to take us all someday


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