versuri 0 to 1000 - exostiv

Te rog, așteaptă...

they say i can’t make 0 to 100
they say i can’t make 0 to 100
they dont believe i’ll make it to 100
i’ll make it 0 to 1000 b-tch

f-ck em all, i’m sorry zero’s not my figure (no way)
you’re running rat, i’m soaring eagle (role play)
i’m eager to make real hip-hop (hurray)
slaving my guts out to the top all day
demigod, that’s how i feel myself right from the start
kinda hard, but i keep moving solo, me and myself is my squad
born to fly! still one of mortals, cuz i hit the hurdles
and all of my haters be flaming: you’ve bout to fail, you heard us?
show me lord, how to shoulder burden, when your wings got burnt down
if k!lling the beats is murder, i should be taken to court now
when i step on the beat like this, prepare for blow up, landmine
couple of rhymes and you’re dismissed, opponent level – grandma
success is coming, i dropped the coin in the wishing well
i keep the motherf-ckers on the leash, if they don’t wish me well
from day to day i keep on building up my sk!lls like lego
soon you’ll see, they all be saying “dude, that’s fire!”, “tío, es fuego!”

they say i can’t make 0 to 100
they say i can’t make 0 to 100
they dont believe i’ll make it to 100
i’ll make 0 to 1000 b-tch

working all day, writing all night long
to beat the path to place where i belong
one answer to the question “what’s my goal?”
to be the g.o.a.t., greatest in this b-tch, goat
since the high school i’ve been feeling damaged
they doubted my sk!ll, i never had a leverage
never did drugs and got a grade on average
now their brains degrading, my brain keeps on staying straight savage
they try to bury me alive, let em proceed
i got that drive to push me up from the bottom just like a planted seed
who says i’m black sheep, doing wack sh-t and my talk is chip
witness the action of me reaching heights you thought i can’t achieve
they’re saying this, they’re saying that, but now the tables turn
i’ll make everyone listen to my story where i yearn to
find the desired yellow brick road, cuz i got what it takes, to go up the higher level with dopest pack of demo tapes

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